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Stephen Michael

A West Australian Football Legend

Stephen Michael is widely considered to be one of the greatest ever players from Western Australia and arguably the greatest in the history of the South Fremantle Football Club.

Throughout his life, Stephen has demonstrated great values and integrity and the perfect role model to have a foundation honouring his name.

A proud Aboriginal man, Stephen was born in Wagin, WA and grew up in the southern Wheatbelt town of Kojonup before making his way to the South Fremantle Football Club where he became a legend.

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Happy swim day! Follow along during the day for regular updates. Our donation link is still live, please continue to donate and support the work we do. 

Let’s do this team 👊🏼
Stephen & the Rottnest Swim 

We are one sleep away from the Rottnest Swim! Our staff are incredibly proud of the four swimmers and three paddlers who are taking on the deep blue tomorrow… 

…As is our patron, Stephen Michael. Stephen spoke on the swim, the significance of Rottnest as the destination, and our programs. We are so fortunate to have Stephen as our patron, his words mean a lot and we know he’ll be cheering the boys on from afar. 

Keep the donations coming, all proceeds go directly to our programs. Link in bio.
Rottnest Swim 🤝 Rising Leaders Students

The swim is just days away and our team are eagerly preparing for what is sure to be a memorable event. Hear from Logan, Rising Leaders alumni (2023), who talks about the impact of the program on him and his peers. 

We thank you for your generosity in donating to this appeal. Your donations help us reach 60 schools and more than 5,000 young people across WA. 

To avoid any confusion, we would like to highlight that our donation link has been altered but all proceeds will continue to go towards the same cause. Please donate using the GiveNow link in our bio.
SMF Staff - Max 

Our staff enjoy working at the Foundation for many different reasons, read about why from each of our staff in our personalised staff posts.

Our team are gearing up for the 2024 @rottoswim this Saturday and we are so excited to bring you along for the ride this week and on the day.

Please continue to donate using the link in our bio. A reminder that all proceeds go directly to our youth programs. We thank you for your ongoing support. 

Go team!
Program Impact 

The Stephen Michael Foundation is proud to work closely with and have our programs evaluated by @notredameaustralia 

Listen to Associate Professor, Ben Piggott, speak on the impact of our Rising Leaders Program following evaluation of the program in 2023. We are incredibly fortunate to work with Ben and his senior research team to receive this feedback about the impact of our programs.
Happy birthday to one of our new staff members, Charles. 

Charles is well respected in the Midwest community and has a passion for working with youth. Charles is very passionate about his sport (especially his footy) and loves being able to pass on his knowledge to youth in the community. 

We are really lucky to have him as part of the Midwest Team at the Foundation. Have a great day Charles!
Rottnest Swim 🤝 Northern Goldfields

With the 2024 Rottnest Swim just around the corner, our staff are proud to share why we are doing this swim and how we like to ensure the young people we work with are at the core of what we do. 

So, why does the swim mean a lot to our staff AND our students? Listen to the boys from Laverton as they talk about how they benefit from our Rising Leaders Program. Hear about why it’s important to donate so that we can continue to deliver and strengthen our programs. 

Donate at the link in our bio
Highlights from our time in Northam running ‘Back to School’ Culture Through Sport ✨
Today we celebrate the king of the Wheatbelt region, Tom. 

Tom leads and delivers many of our metro programs but spends a great deal of time working in York and Beverley. Over the last few years he has had a great impact in those towns both in school and in the community, with student connection being a focus. This picture speaks for itself; Tom and a Beverley student at our annual Rising Leaders Camp. 

Happy Birthday Tom!

Our swimmers Toby, Andrew, Liam, and Rory, will be competing in the @rottoswim 2024 alongside our paddlers Alex, Brendon, and Ijah. 

The SMF team are swimming to raise funds that will help us continue to deliver youth programs across WA and empower the young people we work with. If you can, please support us by clicking the link in our bio and making a donation. 100% of proceeds go straight to our youth programs.
Happy birthday to the glue that holds our Foundation together, Lou. 

If there’s ever a problem that needs solving, something to be organised, scheduled, ordered, fixed or improved, Lou is our go to lady. Above that, Lou is a kind and thoughtful person to work with. She looks out for all of our staff and puts others before herself. We hope you feel celebrated today Lou.
South West team is growing ✔️

Rennie is based in Busselton and will join the dream team of Ijah, Max and Amber currently operating in the South West region.

Her extensive experience working with youth in a range of fields will make her a great asset to the team. With her passion and enthusiasm Rennie will fit right in with the South West crew, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact they will have within the the region this year. 🤩

Welcome Rennie! 


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